Morning Rain

I woke up this morning to the gift of overcast skies and a steady rain shower. I left my window open all night and so the smell of fresh air, raindrops, and renewal  kindly greeted me. Titus, my four-legged companion, usually rearing to get outside was content to snuggle for a few extra minutes. And my first thoughts of the day were devoted to gratitude for all of my blessings and awe inspired by God the Creator.

How beautiful is this world we live in? Yes, death and destruction exist. Mean people, natural disasters, purposeful attacks, heartbreak, abuse and neglect exist in this world. But more importantly so do¬†raindrops, flowers, dogs, clouds, hugs, mountains, children, smiles, and the ocean. It is beautiful that the world turns green in the spring, that when you win a child’s trust she hugs you like you are best friends, and that the wind can go from completely calm to gusty in a matter of a minute. Even more, it is beautiful that these blessings, this evidence of the Artist’s work, can touch your very human heart if you allow it to. That these beautiful things can encourage you throughout this life if you are paying attention to them.

As I now sit with my (second) cup of coffee looking ahead at my day I am hopeful and I am confident in the God working for my good. I pray, my friend, that you feel it to.